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Jaw Clicking FAQ

  • I recently had two crowns put into the left back upper teeth. They fit perfectly onto the original teeth, but don't seem to fit into my mouth. My jaw started clicking the minute they went in. After about three return trips and some adjusting of my bite (which was never the same), my dentist recommended going to a chiropractor. The chiropractor manipulated my neck and found an old injury. However my jaw still clicks and my lower front teeth seem to press onto my upper front teeth. The general feeling is that the teeth are too big. How do I get my dentist to do something about it without hedging? I paid a lot of money for the crowns and I'm very worried. ... Visitor from Gold Coast, Queensland Australia     (answer)

  • Aargh... my jaw clicks and it is driving me insane! It only clicks on the right side, and when I yawn. Why is it doing this? Ccould it be anything to do with the fact that I had a brace a few years ago? It only started after I had the brace removed. Is it causing any damage or changing my face? ... Visitor from York, England United Kingdom     (answer)

  • For the past 2-3 weeks I have begun hearing a clicking sound below my ear. Before this I was having difficulties breathing and would have to yawn very wide to get air. My breathing problems have since stopped but the clicking is still appearing. My jaw feels as if it's dislocated and they don't fit together anymore. I used to have no room in my mouth at the back of the molars, now there is about 1/2"-3/4" gap between my last molar and the back of my mouth. I'm worried that it's going to cause major facial damage and teeth problems. I'm currently quitting using "snuff" and I can see that my teeth have been grinding together. Do you think If I get a night mouthgaurd it will help stop any further damage? The pain sometimes gets so bad that I can't sleep at night because my jaw wants to tense up. I would really prefer if I could fix it by myself at home and not have to go see a specialist. What should I do? ... Visitor from California     (answer)

  • My jaw clicks when I chew for a long period of time or when I chew on hard foods (potato chips, bread, etc). I get scared that it will lock open and I won't be able to fix it. I noticed it started to click after a dentist visit where I had a molar removed. What should I do? ... Visitor from California     (answer)

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