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  • I have had a bad couple of weeks. I had a temporary crown put on. After the dental work I could not open my mouth very much. Then the tooth got infected and to make a long story short I ended up with a root canal. My question is why can I not open my mouth. The dentist who did the root canal numbed me really good in hopes to just get an x ray but still couldn't get my mouth open enough to get a picture. I don't have a lot of pain, I just can not open my mouth. What could be causing this? ...Lanie in NC     (answer)

  • I am only 14 years of age and I have a bad case of trismus, from what I can remember it was from one quick fight I had 2 years ago. My jaw hurts so much, how can I help myself make it better? ... Jodie in Gloucestershire, England     (answer)

  • I have developed lock jaw in the last week and I am getting really scared about it. I went on-line and found your website. Thank you so much for being there. I had severe pain in my teeth and ear and went to the dentist. He sent me to an endodontist. I needed two root canals. He did one immediately last Friday and I went back the following Monday morning for the second one. They could not do the second root canal because my jaws were locked in position (opening less than 1/2 of an inch). The swelling has been horrendous ever since. There is massive infection (which I think is probably causing the swelling) ... they changed me to a stronger antibiotic. It has only been a few days now when I started the new antibiotic. The only pain is the swelling. It literally looks like I have a small apple under my skin along the jaw and going down the neck. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? I called the doctor and their office is closed over the weekend. He said if the swelling isn't gone by Monday, they'll call in an oral surgeon to take care of things. I am really scared.     (answer)

  • My jaw locks occasionally, but it locks while it is opened, usually after I yawn really wide. I sometimes simply tug on my lower jaw outwards and presto it is fixed. However that was not the case this last time it happened. It was locked opened for a entire hour. I went in to the dentists office and he was placing his entire weight worth of pressure on my jaw in order to make it shift, but it would not budge. I was in pain and complaining so he numbed my whole mouth and then repeated the procedure. Why does the jaw lock open and what is the quickest way to fix it?     (answer)

  • My jaws started locking up 2 weeks ago. They would only stay that way for just a little while. Now for 2 days they are locked up. I can barely open my mouth. I can barely get a tooth brush in my mouth. I have wisdom teeth problems. They are parctially impacted. I know they need to come out. Here is my problem: I have medical & dental insurance but, I cannot afford to have something done right now. Is there something I can do at home to help me? Michelle in Oklahoma     (answer)

  • I recently underwent extraction of my third molars and developed an infection at the site of #17. After 1 week of Cleocin 300mg 4x day no improvement was seen and a large painful abscess had developed on the left side of my face down to midline of my chin. My oral surgeon drained the abscess (approx 30cc of pus) and my antibiotic has been changed to Zithromax. My overall health improved with the drainage and my significant pain was reduced with the abscess. Three days since the drainage I am still suffering from significant trismus that affects my ability to eat. I can open my jaws slowly over time but with pain involved. Will my trismus most likely clear up with the infection or do I have to practice opening my jaws to clear this up?     (answer)

  • I had my disc removed from my TMJoint about 7 months ago. Now my jaw locks closed a lot. I wake up in the morning with it locked and then it continues to lock throughout the day. I unlock it myself usually, even though it hurts. I was wondering if there is something I could do to prevent it from locking or to reduce the discomfort caused by unlocking it. ...Visitor from Illinois     (answer)

  • My brother kicked me in the face 6 months ago, and ever since my jaw would click when I would chew gum and other such stuff. Four days ago I went to the dentist and my mouth was open really wide for around 2 and half hours. After the novacaine or whatever they used wore off, I cannot open my mouth more than an inch. It is extremely hard to brush my teeth and floss and eat. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to fix it. ...Visitor from Washington     (answer)

  • I am 24 years old. For the past four days my jaw is not working properly. I can't open it more than to get a few words out with out being in pain. I can keep this up for sometime, however I would like to know if it will cause permanent damage to my mouth?? I do not have health or dental insurance at this time and can't afford to go see someone about this problem. Basically I need to know just what it is I need to do to ease the pain some. Is there anything I can do?     (answer)

  • I was reading on your site because of the problem I was having opening my jaw. I am going to start the ice packs and hot packs right away. My concern it I am pregnant at the moment so I will not be able to take any muscle relaxers for about another six months or even just get a wisdom tooth removed. So my question is doing the ice packs and heat packs with the stretching will this help me to open my mouth more until I can get everything needed token care of. I think I am about to go nuts not being able to open my mouth! I can get it open enough to put part of my pointer finger in but I can't eat only soup and I can't fit even a children's tooth brush in my mouth. I think it's more frustrating than it is painful at the moment. Thank you for any help that you can give and thank you for your site!     (answer)

  • About two days ago, I suddenly noticed I could only open my mouth afew inches. This problem has made it difficult for me to eat any solids, such as small cubes of meat etc. As a result I've been forced to sip soup from a spoon (try saying that with your teeth out... ahem) although chewing doesn't seem to be a problem. Luckily, I can talk without too much trouble and I can smile as well, although opening my mouth a little wider to raise my voice does tend to hurt around the area which I presume to be the jaw joint(?) near my right ear. When the problem first became evident a couple of days ago, I must confess there was discomfort in that area. This left me unable to sleep. That nagging discomfort has since decreased. However, other problems haven't decreased. When I swallow, I feel a slight discomfort in my right tonsil area. I can also feel a bump on the inside (right side)of my mouth. The only way to describe this "bump" is by saying it feels like an inflamed gum. What is causing this? could it be my dental history, or lack of it? (I have only recently begun to visit the dentist following a ten year break, I'm now 32 yrs old. I was forced to visit him due to concerns about my dental health. Two teeth had fallen out in the space of two years. My dentist removed the parts of the falling teeth which were still rooted inside me. He also warned me at the time - alittle more than three months ago - that leaving them rooted in my gums would ultimatley cause jaw trouble. The side of the jaw which is troubling me now, is the side of the mouth where a tooth remnant still remains , in fact I have an appointment to have this removed next week, is this the problem? I also grind my teeth ALOT.. I understand this can cause trouble for the poor old jaw. This has left me baffled. ...Visitor from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK     (answer)

  • Hello. I'm 17 years old. My jaw started sticking after my braces were removed, but it usually frees up after a few hours. It also clicks when I open my mouth. Now it has been stuck for a bit over a week. I went to see my doctor and he made a mouthguard for me. But now my teeth hurt (like they did when I had my braces) and my jaw is still stuck. Do you recommend any kind of exercise to help relieve the problem? Do you think it will loosen up by itself after a while? ...Visitor from New Jersey     (answer)

  • My daughter got her jaw locked in an open position yesterday midnight while she was sleeping. She could not get her mouth closed on her own. Had to get medical help from a hospital nearby to get it closed again. My question is: Why does the jaw get locked like that in an open position? What can we do to get the mouth closed again with out help from a doctor, if it occurs again in a situation where help is not available immediately? What can we do to prevent this problem recurring? ...Visitor from Kerala, India     (answer)

  • I want to ask where do I get my lock jaw. I can't remember anything that I got - an accident or injury that can affect my jaw. It usually happens to me after going to sleep, as I wake up in the morning and my jaw locks. I can't open it as a regular opening! To get out of this lock, I open my mouth as big as I can then close it, make it a little bit faster until I feel ok! What is the best thing for me to do? How can I prevent this lock jaw? ...Visitor from Batangas, Phillipines     (answer)

  • My jaw has been locked for over 6 months. I have gone to the dentist and they refered me to oral surgery. I had an MRI done and they can't seem to find what the problem is. My jaw clicks when I open and close it. I can only open it about an inch. It does not hurt however, when I try and open it I get a sharp pain on the right side of my jaw and it spreads to my ear. I have tried everything. What is causing my jaw to be locked? ...Visitor from Travis Air Force Base     (answer)

  • What is the cause of trismus after a needle for a root canal(the dentist had to freeze a second time as I was not frozen after the first needle)? Jaw is still opened only about 1/2 inch. All the new dentist said was warm compresses and call me in 3 weeks. I am a little disappointed in that response. ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • I have had Lock Jaw for about a year now. Almost every morning I wake up with it and it takes a few hours for it to fix itself. I notice that I have blinding headaches when this occurs.They seem to be brought on by stress. My question is: How do I get rid of this problem without surgery or expensive treatments? I am strapped for cash (which is causing my stress). Please help! ...Visitor from California     (answer)

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