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Jaw Clicking FAQ

My jaw clicks when I chew for a long period of time or when I chew on hard foods (potato chips, bread, etc). I get scared that it will lock open and I won't be able to fix it.

I noticed it started to click after a dentist visit where I had a molar removed. What should I do? ... Visitor from California

It is very common to have this problem after a tooth extraction procedure. When your mouth was open for the tooth removal the ligaments can get stretched and the muscles attached to the joint disc can pull the disc in front of the head of the mandible causing a locking of the jaw.

Initially, it moves back into place, then one day it will lock for a long period of time and possibly stay there. It is true you may experience long-term bite problems if you ignore this. Seek treatment from a dentist who has substantial experience in treating TMJ disorders

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