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Jaw Pain - Trismus Disorders

I was reading on your site because of the problem I was having opening my jaw. I am going to start the ice packs and hot packs right away. My concern it I am pregnant at the moment so I will not be able to take any muscle relaxers for about another six months or even just get a wisdom tooth removed.

So my question is doing the ice packs and heat packs with the stretching will this help me to open my mouth more until I can get everything needed token care of? I think I am about to go nuts not being able to open my mouth!

I can get it open enough to put part of my pointer finger in but I can't eat only soup and I can't fit even a children's tooth brush in my mouth. I think it's more frustrating than it is painful at the moment. Thank you for any help that you can give and thank you for your site!

How much it will help I cannot say, but it won't hurt to keep doing.

The only real solution to your problem is to find a knowledgeable specialist who can perform functional orthopedics in order to get you on the way to a normal life. Even a store bought ($4) mouthpiece can help you for the time being.

John Halmaghi, DDS, FAGD

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