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Lock Jaw (Trismus) Ask The Dentist Joel Singer Question:
Hello. I'm 17 years old. My jaw started sticking after my braces were removed, but it usually frees up after a few hours. It also clicks when I open my mouth.

Now it has been stuck for a bit over a week. I went to see my doctor and he made a mouthguard for me. But now my teeth hurt (like they did when I had my braces) and my jaw is still stuck.

Do you recommend any kind of exercise to help relieve the problem? Do you think it will loosen up by itself after a while? ...Visitor from New Jersey

The mouthguard is usually the first option. Ibuprofen (advil) is also a good first step to reduce any inflammation in the muscles.

As far as excercises I would wait and review that with the Doctor who prescribed the mouthguard.

Joel Singer, DMD

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