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I want to ask where do I get my lock jaw. I can't remember anything that I got - an accident or injury that can affect my jaw. It usually happens to me after going to sleep, as I wake up in the morning and my jaw locks. I can't open it as a regular opening!

To get out of this lock, I open my mouth as big as I can then close it, make it a little bit faster until I feel ok! What is the best thing for me to do? How can I prevent this lock jaw? ...Visitor from Batangas, Phillipines

Jaw clicking can be the result of normal anatomy in your joint. However,when you yawn you may be opening your mouth too far, much farther than the anatomical limit of the ligament holding your jaw together.

The normal mouth-opening limit for most people is 2.5 finger widths wide. If you limit your yawns to this, your click may subside.

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