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Jaw Pain - Trismus Disorders

My jaws started locking up 2 weeks ago. They would only stay that way for just a little while. Now for 2 days they are locked up. I can barely open my mouth. I can barely get a tooth brush in my mouth. I have wisdom teeth problems. They are parctially impacted. I know they need to come out.

Here is my problem: I have medical & dental insurance but, I cannot afford to have something done right now. Is there something I can do at home to help me? Michelle in OK

It's great that you have medical insurance because you will need to depend on that for help. Find a craniofacial expert who treats TMJ and headaches in your area. It may not be easy to find one, but search and interview the doctors you find.

You most likely have a compressed jaw joint leading to muscular trismus. You need muscle relaxants, physical therapy, and long term treatment. For the time being, have your physician prescribe some Flexeril 10 mg. twice a day. Start your own therapy by doing this:

1. ice for 10 minutes
2. stretch, open mouth as wide as possible
3. massage facial muscles, deeply
4. hot packs for 10 minutes
5. massage again
6. repeat above 5 steps at least 3 times

Find a specialist fast, your problem will only get worse without treatment.

John Halmaghi, DDS, FAGD

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