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Headaches: I have suffered from what are now daily headaches for the past few years. About a month ago I had sinus surgery and a deviated septum fixed. This was in response to CT scans that showed my sinuses were infected and or "thickened" and were not responding to antibiotics. I also have TMJ, for which I was fitted with a splint about 3 years ago.

I am pretty much healed from my surgery, but I feel I am right back to my chronic headaches. I wake up with headaches. Sometimes they are entirely on the left side of my head, ear and face, sometimes they are all over my head, sometimes they are in the frontal area through my eyes and cheeks. I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth in, which I've seemed to notice the roots of my teeth aching more. It seems no matter what I do, I cannot get these headaches under control.

I'm feeling like the sinus surgery has only helped me minimally, and the splint that used to help me quite a bit is just not taking care of the pain anymore. I am taking some type of pain meds every day, whether it be sinus headache meds, Advil, my migraine prescription or Tylenol.

Sometimes meds work, sometimes they don't. It seems they are just a "band-aid" on the problem, and never really take care of it. It's like I can't take the right thing. I need help!

I am thinking now, since after the sinus surgery things are only minimally improved,that the pain seems to be a lot in my jaw, ear, face, and now teeth. Do I need to see an oral surgeon or get my wisdom teeth pulled, or what? I am desperate for help. ... Visitor from Minnesota

What you need is to find someone who can properly treat your TMJ. If you have been fitted for an appliance for TMJ and you're still having headaches, then your appliance was not made properly.

Read the file that was sent to you for more help. YOu have a lot of issues, so you may need more than one doctor.

John Halmaghi, DDS

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