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TMJ Jaw Joint Pain Ask The Dentist James Awbrey Question:
Chronic headaches for years and no doctor can figure it out: I am having daily chronic headaches for years that doctors can't figure out.

I have had CT scan, MRI, and spinal tap with no results. I have been seeing a chiroprator with little results, with tension in the neck, shoulders. My dentist said my bite is off and my left jaw pops. Will braces help? ... Visitor from Louisiana

It is not guaranteed that braces will help, however there is a strong likelihood that correcting the bite can improve your situation.

We know today that your symptoms are multifactorial and to say that correcting the bite will eliminate the majority of your problems is incorrect.

I have found over the last seventeen years that the majority of TMD symptoms are mostly related to stress. Many times if stress is eliminated the symptoms will subside.

This helps explain the patient who has perfectly straight teeth with a beautiful bite can have the same problems you are experiencing.

However, stress in combination with a poor bite can definitely be ingredients for pain. You need to seek an opinion with an orthodontist with a proven record in neuromusclular headache pain treatment to determine a diagnosis.

Your bite problem may not be a tooth problem, but rather a discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw bones. This treatment would require orthodontics and surgery to correct the problem.

Without seeking a consultation from a qualified orthodontist it is hard to determine the right mode of treatment.

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