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Radio Frequency Thermoneurolosis Treatment

Safe NASA Xray Technology in New Jersey Picture Radio Frequency Thermoneurolisis Headache Pain

In very rare cases of headache and face pain that doesn't respond to traditional treatment plans, some TMJ and Migraine Pain doctors have access to a procedure called Radio Frequency Thermoneurolosis to turn off the most severe and persistent painful conditions. The photos above reflect the use of this highly specialized technology.

It has been noted by doctors who use this technology that many patients who received this treatment have said that it "gave them back their lives" .... in a single visit.

Precision Treatment

The photos below show how the computerized equipment and digital monitoring devices enables the doctor to administer treatment with the utmost in precision. The close up picture on the right enables treatment to be exact.

Safe NASA Xray Technology in New Jersey Close Up Photo Radio Frequency Thermoneurolisis

Material provided by Ira M. Klemons, D.D.S., Ph.D., South Amboy, NJ

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Radio Frequency Thermoneurolosis
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Thermoneurolosis Treatment

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