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I have been having headaches and tooth pain associated with my two farthest back upper teeth on the left side. 9 years ago the tooth in front of them was pulled due to a half finished root canal that was started just before I left the army. The two teeth are now shifting on my jaw. They are angled outward, and the gums are swolen. What is the cause for their shifting like that? What is the best course for solving the problem?

One major problem associated with tooth loss is the shifting and malocclusion that develops over time. It's like removing a few bricks from a wall prior to the motar totally setting up -- things begin to shift and sag and pretty soon the whole wall is out of alignment and begins to crack and settle, creating all types of structural problems.

The same thing happens with the human jaw. Teeth that are lost leave spaces for the remaining ones to tip, overerupt and shift, throwing the entire bite out of alignment. Like a stripped gear in your car the efficiency of your chewing is effected and your jaw joints are stressed. These problems progress to a point where abnormal forces occur on teeth and jaw joints causing breakdown and pain. Joint pain (TMJ) and headaches are most often results of prematurely lost teeth.

I suggest you visit a dentist experienced in treating TMJ problems and have him/her evaluate your overall dental condition as soon as possible before major breakdown occurs.

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