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I have had a stiff jaw for about 2 months. I don't have any pain while chewing. I dont have a problem opening my mouth wide. I just have a constant ache. I can't sleep at night. The pain gets worse as the day progresses.

I do have a permanent retainer bonded on my bottom teeth. When I open my mouth I do hear a slight clicking but not always. I have had a full dental exam and nothing was out of the norm. I do have some neck pain/ache involved. I can't take this constant ache any more. I thought it may be TMJ but, I don't have the pain in opening my mouth wide. I don't have a problem chewing.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I did have braces when I was 26 they were on for about 2 years. It has been 10 years. I wear a retainer on my top which I remove in the morning. I can't explain this pain, it is a constant constant ache. Please help ... Visitor from PA

I would venture to guess that you had your premolar teeth extracted when you had braces. Anyways, you obviously have a severe TMJ problem, which does not always manifest itself as you may think. Headaches, neck pain, facial pain, sinus problems, ear aches, stiff jaws...are all a part of CMD/TMJ problems.

You need to find someone in your area who treats these problems. Let me know if you don't and I will find someone for you. Don't wait longer because you will end up with worse problems. You may want to talk to an orthodontist who treats TMJ and understands decompression strategies of the jaws.

John Halmaghi, DDS

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