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I have been experiencing what I thought might be some type of lock-jaw but as I read all of the questions on your site about it, my case seems a lot less severe. It proabably happens about once a week and only for about 1 minute or less. My jaw just locks and I can't move it at all and if I try it seems as though it's resisting.

I though that maybe it has something to do with a bad habit of slightly clenching my teeth when I do vigorous activity (such as exercise) but I'm not sure. It has been happening for at least a year and sometimes I will not get it for a month and sometimes it will happen twice a week. Should I be worried or seeking further advice? ...Visitor from Minnesota

I would worry about it because you have overstretched connective tissue in your joints which could become problematic as you get older.

Your basic therapy right now is just to avoid opening too wide, chewing large chunks of food (avoid apples), and doing anything that makes you open your mouth really wide. If you have headaches or facial pain, you definitely need treatment...otherwise play it safe for a while and be careful.

John Halmaghi, DDS

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