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I had my wisdom teeth removed in 1998. Since then I have had problems with my jaw joint on the right side of my face. I did have tmj therapy for about 2 months. It did not seem to help.

I then had a splint made which made my jaw much more sore the morning after I wore it. My main concern is my facial structure. The right side of my face is much smaller than the left. The skin appears to hang, and when I smile the muscles in my face don't seem to raise the skin in the same way, creating an abnormal crease on that side.

In general, that side of my face appears to have aged much further than the left side, and I'm only 27. Has anyone else ever found the correlation between jaw trauma and facial and skin change. Can this be corrected? As an actress it depresses me to think that this may get in my way of success....Visitor from California

You most likely have compression of the Facial Nerve on the affected side, related to your TMJ problem. If you tried a bite splint that did not help it was probably not made correctly.

Loss of proper nerve function leads to atrophy and many other problems. Read the enclosed letter and find some help.

John Halmaghi, DDS

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