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I have been having pain in my mouth for about a year now. It started after I had all four wisdom teeth removed. It started in the upper last molar and progressed to the next,bottom and other side. In total now I have had 6 molars extracted.

I have seen numerous dentists, endodentists, oral surgeons, a neurologist and a ears nose and throat specialist. I have just recently had a bone scan done and am waiting on the results.As of right now I am having pain in the area of my first extraction, high on my gum almost into my cheek.

I do not have TMJ.

I can taste a drainage from the area. The pain is not relieved by novacaine, dimmed but not gone. The pain is however relieved upon chewing. I am currently taking cephalexin. Any opinions of what is wrong with me? The majority of dentists I've seen said my teeth didn't look bad according to my x-ray. ....Visitor from Pennsylvania

Sounds like TMJ problems that are not being diagnosed properly. Read the email attachment that was sent to you. You may also need MRI's and CatScans to make sure you don't have cancer or other serious issues.

However, most likely you have a jaw joint compression problem (TMJ).

John Halmaghi, DDS

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