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I suffered tmj from whiplash its been about four months. When I put my finger next to my ear and I open and close my mouth I feel a bump coming and going. It feels dislocated. I open my mouth and I have a bump that is hard sticking out of my skin next to my ear. Its been 4 months. It constantly gets worse. What should I have done and what is the bump? Is it dislocated? What treatment is best? ...Emaad in CA

Emaad, you really should go see a dentist right away (preferably one who does TMJ treatment). When you say you feel a bone sticking out of your skin, I am assuming you don't mean literally "out of your skin". This being the case, you may have traumatized the joint and caused some inflammation.

Test your bite and see if your teeth are coming together normally as they did before. If you can't touch your teeth together or you feel your "bite" has changed, you could have traumatized the joint and may need some physical therapy and possibly some medications to relax things. At any rate, go get this checked out by a qualified dentist.

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